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As a retailer you know the value of your clients. You know that it costs 7 times more to win new clients than to keep existing customers. If you are going to keep your clients, you need good communication. Excellent service and competitive pricing are important, but they are useless if no-one knows about them.

At txt4retail.com you will discover new and exciting ways to communicate with your clients and market yourself. Our sevice helps you to boost your customers' satisfaction levels, improve your company's service and cut your marketing costs.

But I already communicate with my clients. Effective communication is the art of getting the right words to the right person at the right time. It is personal. Good communication makes the individual feel important, not just part of a bulk campaign. Great communication on a mass scale requires a system focussed on the individual. Our text messaging service is that system. It works from your client data to construct personal, relevant messages to each and every individual. Your clients are not a database. Your clients are people.

Exceptional customer communication is the ability to communicate with each of your clients as individual people, regardless of whether there are ten or a million customers. To compete in today's online environment, your communication must personal, well timed, easily understood, received when it is needed and relevant to each and every recipient. As a retailer, the better your communication with your clients, the more effectively you can market yourself, respond to competition, stay ahead of the pack and produce a better bottom line.

txt4retail.com is the only service to offer a text messaging solution specifically for retailers. We understand that retailers have specific needs. When it comes to communication, one size does not fit all markets. We understand retail requirements, we specialise in planned retail strategies and we have the a set of tried and tested mobile solutions for specifically for retailers.